The most scrumptious bread whether you are GF/vegan or not. Perfect accompaniment to any meal, moist perfect bread to serve warm or cold, toasts like a dream and keeps for days. This recipe is adapted from the Doves Farm Bread Flour Packet recipe and relies on using their wonderful flour. Makes three loaves, one [...]

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Seeded Buckwheat Bread (Gluten Free)

Buckwheat is not wheat at all and is gluten free. This is a substantial loaf, but sliced thinly is really very good and certainly beats shop bought gluten free offerings! Simply take 600gms of whole buckwheat and soak overnight in lots of fresh water, in the morning strain and rinse, then soak 200gms of milled [...]

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Cucumber Sandwich Pickle

CUCUMBER SANDWICH PICKLE A great way to finish up any tough cucumbers and gherkins from the garden, also works well with courgettes or a mixture, just slice very finely. Take about six cucumbers about 6" in length and a kilo of onions, slice very finely (use a mandolin or mouli) and layer with about [...]

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HERB SALAD WITH ORANGE & MUSTARD DRESSING SALAD: 125g fine asparagus salt and black pepper Romaine Lettuce or Red Oakleaf 100gms Lambs Lettuce 100gms Rocket 1 bunch of flat leaf Parsley, stalks removed 1 bunch of fennel tops, stalks removed 1 head of wisteria - flower buds only, no green at all 60gms (2oz) [...]

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