We are always on the lookout for new and interesting courses and would love to hear from you if you are a full time maker or craftsperson with extensive experience and a deep working knowledge of your subject. Although you need never have taught before, patience and generosity in sharing your skills and knowledge is most important.

How to approach us…

Please email us with some details about yourself and your work with either a link to your website, or attach some clear images in low resolution which illustrate what you produce or make.

All work must be handmade and of an exceptional quality.

We are interested in promoting our makers just as much as their work, so an idea of qualifications, awards and publications you have written would be helpful too.

If we think your work would fit nicely into our programme for the coming year we will invite you to teach at The Old Kennels and discuss terms.

Sadly, there simply aren’t enough days in the year to accommodate every wonderful tutor we know, but we do try to keep our programme fresh and offer a well-balanced choice of courses each year with both old and new courses.

So although we cannot promise we will invite you to teach, it could be that we have a tutor who already specialises (although they sometimes retire!) or that what you offer doesn’t currently fit with our programme, but we are always pleased to hold your details for the future even if it is not for the coming year.

The best way to get in touch is either via our online contact form or by emailing info@theoldkennels.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you!