What time do courses run?

Classes run 10am – 4pm (unless otherwise stated) we will be glad to welcome you for coffee from 9.45am. Although we try and finish punctually there may be occasions where the tutor stays to help students complete work, this is totally dependant on the class and if you need to go on time that is fine. It is also fine if you might need to get away early for a school pick up or other reason, just let us know in advance and we will try and accommodate you finishing early.

How do I find you?

The Old Kennels is situated just off the main C131 between Dunkeswell and Hemyock, there are full directions on our ‘Find Us’ page.

If you have sat nav it will bring you close, but not to the door, they can also be a little random in the Blackdown Hills! Therefore we strongly suggest you still take note of the directions on our ‘Find Us’ page.

What do I need to bring?

All courses have a ‘Requirements List’ this will contain important advice on what to wear and anything you might need to bring along with you on the day. A link to your requirements list is sent to you in an email when you book your course online, if you have deleted the email you can simply ‘log in’ to your account on our website using your email address and view your requirements lists there. Please remember to keep a copy of the courses you have booked and check the requirements list in good time so you have all you need to bring with you on the day.

I seem to have mislaid my requirements list, where can I find it?

Your requirements list is provided as a link in your confirmation email when you book your course online. If you have deleted the email you can simply ‘log in’ to your account on our website using your email address and view your requirements lists there. Do check PayPal have your up to date email address so you are receiving your confirmations (and also make sure we do too, so we can send you important course updates!).

How many people are on your courses?

At The Old Kennels we feel that class size is very important, we want to ensure that every student can be seen by the tutor without too long a wait, and we want you to have enough supervision to ensure you work safely and achieve a good result with whatever you are doing.

Our practical courses generally accommodate between four and eight students. Courses may have one tutor, or two, or a tutor and an assistant dependant on the course.

What about lunch?

Lunch is served as a ‘bring and share’ sit down buffet, please bring a dish of food to share, or if you prefer simply book lunch as an option on check out at a cost of £5 and we will provide your contribution.

I have intolerances/special diet, I am vegetarian/vegan …

We operate a ‘bring and share’ lunch system. It works fabulously for everyone, including those with special diets or intolerances, vegans, vegetarians and even those of us who are just careful eaters! Simply bring a plate of something to share that you can eat and really enjoy, that could be your favourite homemade salad, a cake, a quiche, or cheese and biscuits for instance.

We provide our (usually) home grown organic fresh green salad and potatoes as well as home baked bread (and gluten free crackers), homemade pickles and a choice of drinks. Lunch is laid out in the kitchen and you can fill your plate with whatever takes your fancy (as many times as you like!)

If you have allergies, intolerances or would like to avoid any ingredients please let us know when booking.

I have severe food allergies or a very strict diet (or just careful what you eat!)…

If you feel unable to participate in the bring and share for any reason at all, simply bring what you fancy and pop it on a plate to eat with everyone else at the table at lunch time, no one will notice, and if you want a spud or two to go with it feel free!

Are drinks included?

Hot and cold drinks are inclusive and served throughout the day.

We have coffee and a selection of teas as well as herbal or fruit teas. There is a hot water dispenser and you are of course welcome to bring your favourite tea bags to enjoy, this is your time off and we want you to feel at home! Rice milk is always available as an alternative to dairy and there are sachets of Truvia if you are keeping an eye on your sugar intake.

Our water is UV treated well water, (chlorine and chemical free), so no need to bring bottled water.

We make our own cordials which will be available with lunch, if you are here during the festive season we also offer very mildly alcoholic mulled wine or apple juice with lunch.

There are lots of courses I fancy, but it’s a lot to pay all at once, can I reserve several courses with a deposit?

As places are limited, we ask for payment in full when booking in order to reserve your place. If however you are booking many courses throughout the year and would like to spread the cost, please speak with us and we will be glad to do this.

Is it possible to swap courses?

You may exchange your chosen course, or ask for a refund in full up to four weeks prior to the course. Please see our full ‘Booking Terms’ page.

Bother…the course I would like to do is full!

Do email us and we can put you on the waiting list, we do get cancellations from time to time, and occasionally we run additional courses in which case you will be told first.

Could you tell me about access at The Old Kennels?

Access is undeniably limited for many classes and our accommodation simply due to the character of the building, but wherever possible we will do our absolute best to accommodate you. For your uninterrupted enjoyment of courses please speak to us prior to booking to discuss your individual needs. Also see our ‘Access’ Pages for accommodation and courses for more detail.

Will I be able to manage the course?

If you are unsure about anything we would rather you contacted us to speak first, we will do all we can to help you understand what the course entails and for instance the level of physical fitness or dexterity, or even if it involves standing or moving about for any long periods. Please do ask, as we want you to enjoy your time here and where practically possible we will try and meet your needs.