Our Responsible Visitor Code

10 top tips toward being a responsible visitor in The Blackdown Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Simply use less. Less of everything. If you DO have to use it, see if you can then RE-use it. And, if you can’t, and there’s no more use for it, don’t bin it, recycle it.

Please say no to plastic bags! You will find that many shops in the Blackdowns will only give you a plastic bag if you ask for it and even pay for it. Why not buy or make a lovely cotton, jute, rush or willow basket and enjoy using it to shop with – plastic bags are harmful to our environment and quite simply wasteful.

Get a breath of fresh air
We are surrounded by beautiful views, rolling hills and woodlands, these are best enjoyed by bike, on horseback or by foot. The AONB has produced a series of walks leaflets available from the AONB office (copies in our guest information folder). If you would like to walk to the pub for your evening meal we are always pleased to come and collect you after dark!

Keep it local
There are several local farm shops, village stores and post offices in the locality. Spending your money with local businesses helps our local economy. While you’re here and look out for local produce and farmers markets, galleries, craft fairs and open studio events. Most of our local pubs serve locally produced food and drinks and we have lot of wonderful Blackdown Hills food producers see the BHBA for more information.

The sky at night
Everyone who visits is amazed by the number of stars you can see from the hills – that’s because we have very little light pollution. So turn off lights and keep the sky bright. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, ask yourself whether that light or standby button needs to be on. (You’ll be doing yourself a favour by switching things off, as well as cutting down on carbon emissions.)

People who stay here often remark on our icy cold, crystal clear well water – please remember that this is a private supply and is pumped to the house. Please use just what you need. We ask you to leave the towels that need a wash in the bath so we don’t take them unnecessarily, to help save on water, power and detergent.

Getting here
We are pleased to help co-ordinate lift-share to classes, or if you are staying with us, do away with the stress while going as green, and travel by train, we can collect you from the station if you arrive the evening before.

Minimise waste
Every excess item you consume has an added cost to the environment – which is our biggest asset and most people’s main reason to visit. Try and avoid buying too much unnecessary food packaging, we truly appreciate minimally packaged lunch contributions on course days!

Support our local causes
Look out for local events and walks organised through the Blackdown AONB office calender

Wombling free
Be responsible for your impact; leave behind what you find, but nothing else. Please help us preserve the local flora and fauna’s natural ecosystems for everyone to enjoy.