2 Aubergines

2 Heads of fennel

2 Large pointy or otherwise red peppers

2 Red onions

A few tablespoons of olive oil

A good double handful of greens of your choice – baby spinach/chopped onion tops (my summer favourite ingredient – nick the tops off the onions as they are growing taste wonderful and stops them bolting too!), or use lovely green spring onion tops.

A jar of red pesto

Simply chop the aubergines into cubes and cover well in cooking salt, set aside for an hour or more. Then rinse well before using.

Chop peppers into squares and onions and fennel into fine wedges.

Roast the onions, peppers and (washed) aubergine in the oilve oil for an hour or so at 175 degrees centrigrade, or until soft and just browning on the ends. Stir in the greens to wilt and then the jar of red pesto – allow to cool for half an hour and serve as a warm salad or serve hot with chunks of fresh bread as a main dish.

Oh so good!