A page from a family recipe book as good today as it was 100 years ago.

Make this mincemeat into tiny dainty mince pies, with stars of finely rolled icing and marzipan on top and dust with lemon sugar to serve!

Boil four lemons till soft, chop or pound them in a mortar and add 2lbs of loaf sugar.

These must be mixed and allowed to stand a day. Then add 2lbs of currants, 1lb of raisins, 2lbs of suet (yes you can buy vegan, although I now prefer to replace with chopped or grated cooking apples).

1/4oz of ground mace, cloves and cinnamon

¼ pt brandy and port wine mixed … rather more of the former than the latter.

Perfect for mince pies or making Upside Down Clementine Cake