For anyone who ever wanted to know a little about our log boiler heating system … Ive done a little youtube, its my first attempt and in the December sleet it just felt like a good moment to talk about how we heat our studio, accommodation and house.

We installed our Log (biomass) boiler in 2012, it replaced wood pellet heating and a wood burner that heated the house and hot water. The wood burner remains but is rarely lit as the new boiler heats our spaces very efficiently and uses a fraction of the fuel.

Hope you enjoy this swift and unscientific tour of our heating system, my ‘vlog’ crazy son is cringing at the amount of ‘errms’! Its clearly unscripted, as I think you might notice!

If you are thinking of swapping to wood fuel and want to ask practical questions or come over and have a look, or just chat to someone who already uses a system, feel free to ask and I can tell you what I know from our experience.