Below are just some of the wonderful suppliers we use for everything from food to tools, we often get asked ‘where do you get …?’ or ‘who do you use for …?’ and the truth is we are really very fussy, so we hope this will be a useful resource!


ANOTHER COFFEE – Our rather lovely coffee importer, grinder and supplier is just up on Dunkeswell Airfield, but they have an easy-to-use website and mail order everything from chocolate coated coffee beans to expresso machines, friendly service, great prices and lovely range.

SUMA – Whatever we cant buy direct from local suppliers we buy from Suma.  From loo roll to ground almonds and just about everything else you can imagine.

Suma have been supplying natural, responsibly-sourced products since 1977 and are the UK’s biggest worker’s co-operative;  Europe’s largest single-pay employer and are very proud of these facts.  Suma are based in a small town in West Yorkshire. Products are 100% vegetarian, everything from sweets to our toothbrushes is  no meat, no fish and no animal derived nasties such as gelatine or rennet. Suma offer organic alternatives to almost every product and have  strong fair trade and animal testing policies.   As a worker’s co-operative, Suma is owned and managed by the workforce and proud to offer equal pay and an equal say in the business for all members.

All of their products and services are responsibly sourced.  They offset omissions through planting trees with Treesponsibility, who have granted them carbon neutral status.  They take back packaging from customers, and where they can’t reuse, they recycle.  Why not start your own local buying group? Its only £250 minimum order and you dont have to buy bulk or even full cases of things. Great value, ethics and quality.

THE SOAP Co. – If you enjoy our hand wash, hand cream and shower products, you can buy them all from The Soap Co. who are an ethical luxury brand that makes products that are good and do good. Our favourites are their Geranium & Rhubarb range which is kind to your skin as well as the environment crafted with natural bee friendly botanicals. The Soap Co. use natural, ECOCERT and EU Ecolabel certified ingredients the range we use is from their vegan bee friendly product collection. None of The Soap Co. products in this collection contain SLS, SLES, ALES, mineral oils, EDTA, parabens, propylene glycol, triethanolamine, sulfates, phthalates, artificial colours, retinol, PEGs, urea, silicones, carbomers, cocamide DEA, MCIT/MITs, carcinogens.

By adding nourishing borage and calendula oils in the Geranium & Rhubarb range, including body oils and bath oils, The Soap Co. are providing a sustainable flower garden for bees. The long flowering season for these plants reduces the risk of bee colonies starving over the June nectar gap, and provides a regular source of forage after August for last minute nectar collection before the cold sets in.

Based in East London, and with a traditional workshop in the Lake District, The Soap Co. creates bath and beauty products with sophisticated fragrances, minimalist design and a strong social and environmental ethos.

The Soap Co. are a social enterprise providing training and work opportunities for people who are visually impaired, have disabilities or are otherwise disadvantaged. All their profits go back into their business so that they can provide these opportunities and more like them.


QUILTS – The Quilts in our bedrooms are (of course) made with the fleece from our own alpacas. Fleeces are washed and cleaned by the Natural Fibre Company and professionally made into quilts for your complete enjoyment. You can purchase your own or read more on our website here.

MATTRESSES – Our mattresses are the highest quality purpose made hotel mattresses, with natural fillings. We proudly purchase our mattresses from Palatine Beds who are owned by Newcastle City Council (NCC); and managed by Your Homes Newcastle the Arm’s Length Management Organisation (ALMO) attached to NCC. As a supported business 70% of their workforce has some form of disability. They work closely with local government organisations to help disabled people gain and maintain employment. They are committed to ensuring that every component in a Palatine Beds mattress and base, from the materials to the delivery, is responsibly sourced and dedicated to using renewable or biodegradable sources wherever possible. If you would like to purchase a mattress from their domestic range they trade as 1907 beds.


SHIRES ELECTRICALS – Installed our Photovoltaic Panels, very pleased, quality job and a local family business.

SOL ELECTRICALS – Installed our EV car charger, again a local company – free through the government scheme.

GOOD ENERGY – All the electricity used at The Old Kennels is made by our own panels or from 100% renewable sources.

TRIODOS BANK  & ECOLOGY BUILDING SOCIETY – Both put the planet and its people before profits, thats why we use them. But they are also both amazing to deal with, really customer service orientated. I can honestly say The Old Kennels wouldnt be running today if it wasnt for The Ecology sharing our vision more than 20 years ago!

ACANTHUS PRESS and BRIGHTSEA PRESS both have enviable eco credentials and our printing is on paper which is recycled and/or comes from sustainably sourced pulp, using 100% vegetable inks.


AXMINSTER POWER TOOLS – really needs no explanation, the biggest and best and conveniently very close to us!

DAVE BUDD  – handmade tools, gripfids and all maner of things!

TIRANTI – stone carving tools and much more

THE SOAP KITCHEN – Handmade soap supplies

Windrush Willow
Musgrove Willows
PH Coate & Son – Willow and Wetlands Centre

R K Burt
John Purcell Paper
Sheperds Falkiners

Cult Pens
Blots Pens