So simple I feel embarrased putting them on a website…but so often asked how they are done!

Take some good spuds – homegrown, organic ideally, small is nice, or you can quarter larger ones to the same effect.

Wash and scrub as needed, leave th4e skins on and put them in a roasting dish. Put some generous sprigs of fresh herbs in – rosemary, sage, thyme whatever you have. I hang bunches of rosemary & sage up to dry in the winter so I have it to hand in the kitchen, so you can use dried sprigs if thats what you have. Also add a couple of cloves of garlic cut longways.

Drizzle with oil (flax or olive), shake till they are all coated and pop in the oven at 175c for an hour, repeat the shake half way through cooking. if you’re in a hurry make it hotter, if theres no hurry then 150c for a bit longer – adjust to your schedule!

When they are golden brown and ready to eat toss lots of Maldon or Cornish Sea Salt over them, and serve immediately.

What to do with leftovers? Course they reheat just fine, but also try them sliced and fried the next day, lovely with brown sauce!