Marys’ Very Moor-ish Chocolate Tiffin or Refrigerator Cake

As enjoyed by all at the Paper from Plant Fibres with Jeff Lowe 2005 and on every occasion since by popular demand!

4oz (100g) butter or vegan margarine
3oz (75g) golden syrup
1oz (25g) cocoa powder
2oz (50g) seedless raisins (I use at least 4oz)
8oz (200g) digestive biscuits, crushed (you can use vegan and/or gluten free as required)
4oz (100g) plain dark chocolate

Well grease a 15cm(6″) cake tin. Put butter or margarine, syrup, cocoa and
raisins into a pan (or bowl) and heat gently until butter has melted. Stir
in crushed biscuits. Press into tin and leave in a cool place to set.
Melt chocolate and spread over cake. Once chocolate has set, remove from
tin and cut.

I usually make double quantity and put in a tray bake tin.

(Make double to allow for crumbage to be eaten
before it hits the plate! Top tip!)