What to do with those last couple of hard skinned marrows of the season? Right at the end of the year when you have the toughest marrows and the weather is cooling you could try this recipe that my Nan always used …

Take your largest toughest Marrow
Any very dark sugar – Muscavado, Demerera or Dark Brown Sugar

Saw a thin slice off the end off the Marrow and reserve, scoop out the seeds, pack the cavity with sugar as tightly as you can, replace the end slice and tape up to form a seal.

Hang the marrow from a hook on the ceiling over a bowl (just in case!) in a strong cotton shopping bag or an old pillow case, close the ends up to stop any bugs getting in.

In two weeks time top up the cavity with more sugar, seal and replace the marrow (ignore if it looks a little manky it will be fine!)

Leave for a month, then strain the contents of the marrow through muslin into a demijohn and place an airlock in the top, leave till it stops working and then bottle. Be careful, I have bottled too early and they will explode! It will take a good year to mellow, but leave it for as many years as you can, then should be rather good!