GREEN ACTION PLAN – The Old Kennels 2018/19

We have achieved much in recent years, but there is always room for improvement and we set our selves new goals constantly. Targets for the next twelve months are below:

Add main switches to our guest apartment and studio to cut off all electricity as you exit (thereby turning off all standby appliances and power to plugs when not in use)

Look at the possibility of offering glamping or wild camping onsite

Provide electricity and sanitary arrangements to the woodland meaning that accessibility for courses held there is better (the house is a long way for the less able to take comfort breaks and meals).

Add a battery storage facility to our PV panels to store surplus electricity for the evenings and gloomier days.

(Ok, might not all happen this year, but if it isn’t on a list it will never get done!)

In the longer term:

Investigate the possibility of small scale hydro-electric via the old hydraulic ram

We save roof water keenly for the garden already, but we often debate the merits of harvesting our rainwater for flushing toilets, but have been put off by the need to use more electricity to pump it back to the house. Our conclusion is that for many reasons we are not taking this step at present. What we aim to do at some point is to catch rainwater off our highest roof, making a platform on the bank high up behind the house for the tank so it does not need to be pumped. Then we will use it to flush the toilets, so it will all be gravity fed. This is a medium/long term plan and might be rejigged if we have a better plan in the meantime!

We are proud to be rated as Gold standard by the Green Tourism Business Scheme & Platinum by Tripadvisor Green Leaders Scheme