A great way to finish up any tough cucumbers and gherkins from the garden, also works well with courgettes or a mixture, just slice very finely.

Take about six cucumbers about 6″ in length and a kilo of onions, slice very finely (use a mandolin or mouli) and layer with about 100g sea salt, weigh them down over night with a plate and some kitchen weights and the next day rinse them well. You can add some sliced garlic or elephant garlic as a variation.

In a preserving pan mix 500ml of distilled malt vinegar (clear) with 300gms of sugar (I use soft brown out of preference) and 4tsps and mustard seeds, 1 tsp of ground cloves and 1tsp turmeric. Slowly heat till all sugar is dissolved, then boil for ten minutes to reduce, add the strained onions and cucumbers and boil for another minute. Leave to cool while you pour a G&T and savour.

Bottle into clean dry, sterilised jam jars or kilners, cover with a waxed disc and seal tightly, store in a cool dark place. Try and resist sampling for a good six weeks if you can, refrigerate when opened.