This moist rich brownie freezes well, so can be whipped out to put with strawberries as a summer desert or used in lunch boxes. You can also subsitute ingredients at will, so you never have to worry about having all the ingredients! Make this the day before you need it for best results.

Melt gently in a saucepan:

140g Light brown sugar

100g Honey, maple or agave syrup

200g Non Dairy spread

50g Cocoa powder

Add other ingredients:

250g Ground almonds

250g Porridge oats

100g Desicated coconut

250g Dried sour cherries or cranberries (or part dried apricots chopped up)

250g Glace cherries (chopped in half)

100g Broken nuts – walnuts or pistachios work best in my opinion.

Mix very well and press into a lined baking tray – NB this makes enough for a full size baking tray so you can half the ingredients to make a sensible quantity, but I usually freeze half and use half. Bake for 20 mins at 160c

Cool and cover with dark chocolate – heat your chocolate in a bowl over water, be careful not to get water in it, but do take above 40 c to ensure you get a nice sheen, I spread about 200gs thinly over, then refridgerate over night and cut in the morning.