Great way to use up left over mincemeat in the new year!

Make a simple white bread dough:

550gms strong white flour

12gms dried bread yeast (Doves Farm is my preference)

10gms salt

350gms/mls warm water

Knead for 10 minutes (or let the kenwood do it for you)

leave to rise 1hr in a warm spot covered with a clean tea towel

Then turn out dough onto floured board, and knead well, leave to relax a few minutes then roll out into a rectangle to cover your board and spread a good jamjarful of mincemeat over the whole rectangle. Roll the rectangle in a swiss roll fashion, then cut into 2″ slices and arrange in a dish or baking tray laying on their sides (spiral looking upwards) with about an inch round each roll.

Leave to prove for half an hour in a warm place and preheat oven to 220 degrees C. Turn the oven down to 200 degrees C when they are safely on the oven shelf and then bake for approximately 20 minutes or until well risen and turning colour. Do not let them brown, just a slightly golden tinge. Cool for an hour then smother with icing – I like to make up my icing sugar with a drop of almond essence and lemon juice and a little hot water.

Finally sprinkle with flaked almonds and put half a cherry on top of each bun. These will stay moist and keep a day or two if covered and kept in a cool place, not in the fridge. And if the family don’t find them first.