FLAME WORKING :: Sculpting Animals in Soft Glass – ONLINE COURSE

£315.00 £260.00


With Dr Julie Anne Denton

LIVE ONLINE COURSE COMMENCES 27th MAY 2020 FOR SIX WEEKS – see below for session times/dates

This class is designed by glass master Dr Julie Anne Denton, to gently introduce the sculptural beginner to quirky off mandrel forms in soft glass from the comfort of your own studio. During these six zoom sessions, and five ‘one on one’ e-tutorials we will learn how to make penguins, elephants, owls and flamingos. These forms will teach the student a variety of techniques including how to ‘gather’, how to work with scissors and scaled up ‘mashers’, how to make use of the ‘glass tripod’ to create a stand for your animal and when to use ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ punties during the making process whilst ‘auto-annealing’ your soft glass sculptures.

By the end of this six week class you will feel comfortable and confident making your own original small scale sculptures in soft glass without the cracks.

Tracey Bell from ‘The Old Kennels’ in Devon UK, said this about Julie’s teaching technique “JULIE ANNE DENTON has taught two to four day classes at The Old Kennels on a regular basis since early 2007. Her ability and affinity with glass is self-evident in her work, and she has a natural talent for conveying information clearly and concisely to others. Her teaching style is relaxed and her manner calm, even with the most demanding of pupils, making her a popular tutor.

I cannot fault Julie’s reliability, timekeeping, communications, lesson planning or preparation of class literature. Julie has taught all levels of students on courses at The Old Kennels, often with mixed and varied abilities within the same class. She always ensures that students work to their ability and are satisfied therefore with their results, and has a knack of balancing this with considered challenges and inspirational ideas to widen the student’s repertoire and tailors these well to the individual.

She is careful to give plenty of individual attention when teaching and is sensitive to characters and dynamics within a group, as well as being vigilant to be present for students at critical moments and offering sincere praise where it is due. This level of individual support is vital to students’ self-confidence as well as their consideration of ‘value for money’ and ultimately their return to future courses.”

Skill Level: Your own flameworking torch, or access to a flameworking studio is a necessity. This course is suitable for beginners and improvers.

£315 for six ‘live’ weekly one hour online demonstration sessions and five ‘One to One’ fifteen minute online sessions via Zoom.

Live online sessions commence on Wednesday 27th May 2020 at 4pm and take place there after every Wednesday at 4pm for a total of 6 weeks, easy to follow links will be provided before the course begins. In addition, the five weekly ‘one on one’ individual sessions can then be simply booked as a slot in the online calendar after each online session.

Live Online Course Dates: 27.05.2020, 3.06.20, 10.05.20, 17.06.20, 24.06.20 and 01.07.2020

Time: 16.00 – 17.00

PLUS FIVE further fifteen minute individual sessions (one a week) bookable online

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Other useful details ...

ONLINE COURSES and ONE TO ONE SESSIONS will be shared to you via a simple ‘Zoom’ video link supplied to join on your laptop, phone, iPad or PC. The five Weekly Demonstration Sessions run for around an hour, they will be available for you to rewatch after the event, pause and resume as you practice. Each week you will be able to book a fifteen minute One to One session via Zoom with Julie to focus on your individual progress.

Each course comes with a detailed requirements list and technical notes so you know exactly what you will need for this project and to progress and experiment on your own. Please ensure you read your list carefully and do ask if there is anything that isn’t clear!

IMPORTANT; Your own flameworking torch or access to a flameworking studio is a necessity for this course.

Extra insight from Julie Ann Denton:

I designed this course to deal with the current times we’re living in, and further down the line in a bid to help mother earth negate the need for unnecessary travel. I’ve devised an entirely new system of teaching glass to all skill levels and I can honestly say that I only see benefits. I’ve been working closely with my web company to provide a seamless service which is technophobe friendly. A digital course is as good as attending a course in the traditional way and I am going to list the reasons why:

Benefit 1: This 6 week course costs half the price of a normal two day course

Benefit 2 : You don’t have to travel to attend, get up early or pay for a hotel.

Benefit 3: If you’re shy the other students attending don’t have to see your face.

Benefit 4: Whilst you’re practicing there is no one looking over your shoulder.

Benefit 5: The entire experience is richer as you can see everything close-up and you have more time to practice.

Benefit 6: The live sessions are recorded which means you don’t have to attend the live session at the designated time. You can watch later multiple times if you wish.

Benefit 7: The 5 ‘One on One’ private troubleshooting sessions with me mean you are assured of the personal attention you require and deserve.

Benefit 8: In these troubled times there is zero chance of catching anything unpleasant from a fellow participant