With Linda Hampson Member of the SW Society of Botanical Artists

For those of you unable to attend Linda’s course in person we offer the option of joining us online.

The Asparagus course is a perfect introduction to detailed botanical study for those looking to add to their coloured pencil drawing skills.

A set of notes, guidance on paper and pencils to use and an instructional video for this course are all included. The course specifically uses Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, you will also need good quality drawing paper and a few pencil case items (you will be supplied with a detailed list on purchasing the course).

We invite you to share your outcomes with Linda and of course be in touch if you have any concerns or need help by email for the duration of the course.

Coloured pencil is a marvellously versatile medium and it is genuinely an easy medium to master when you have learned the basic techniques. Linda invites you to join her for a series of workshops specifically using Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, with each subject focusing on different techniques and challenges.

Please see our growing range of ONLINE courses, or even visit us in person for a course at The Old Kennels!

Run Time: 2hrs 44 minutes

Asparagus (Improvers course in botanical coloured pencil techniques) £25




Other useful details ...

ONLINE COURSES will be shared to you via email, there will be a video link supplied to watch on your laptop, iPad or PC. Videos run for around an hour, to an hour and a half, with some at two and a half hours, depending on detail and complexity required. They are clearly divided into short bitesized sections.

Each course comes with a detailed pencil requirements list so you know exactly what you will need for the project and to progress and experiment on your own. Please ensure you read your list carefully and do ask if there is anything that isn’t clear!

The accompanying step-by-step course notes will also be made available for you to download and can be printed off for your own personal use. Course notes also contain the ‘pause points’ for each section on the video so you can swiftly find your next step.

We also run courses with Linda Hampson at The Old Kennels so if you would like to join us ‘in person’ do browse our website. We also offer 4* B&B accommodation please enquire or see our course accommodation page full details – it is worth noting that during course times we only have attendees staying here so our accommodation is not available through the usual online system.

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