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Luxurious and indulgent, our range of 100% pure Alpaca quilts and pillows are the perfect companions for those all-important sleeping hours for the whole family.

Our fibre is washed and carded at a local mill, then stitched into a pure cotton waxed cambric casing, we then produce quilts which are sewn all over in flower or wave patterns, these have the benefit of ensuring the fibre remains exactly where we put it and not migrating from the seams leaving cold spots (which cause broken sleep as you move to get warm). We do not produce pocket or line sewn ‘Duvets’ , but recommend that our quilts are placed in regular duvet cases in order to keep them clean.

Alpaca fibres have a hollow structure which makes them incredibly light and soft, and a natural insulator – helping you remain cool as you sleep in the summer, and warm in the winter.

Because each fibre has a hollow core, your duvet will wick moisture away from your body while you sleep, keeping you comfortable, warm and cosy.

Alpaca fleece contains very low levels of lanolin (the grease found in sheep’s wool) this makes it naturally very clean, dry and absorbent, a hostile environment for dust mites which are a common cause of asthma and other allergies. Our duvets and pillows are encased in the finest 100% natural cotton fabric.

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Other useful details ...

Our Alpaca fibre is produced & processed locally in Devon. We believe strongly in high standards of animal welfare and responsible environmental practice and work always to sustainable principles and low ‘fibre miles’.

Alpacas live up to 20 years and are farmed solely for their fibre production, not for meat. They are gentle, grazing, herd animals and are amazingly successful fox deterrents making them extremely good companion animals.

Your Alpaca quilt and pillows can be gently hand washed in cool water , as the fabric is a waxed cambric you will find it is natuarlly water repellant and is best not submerged, but rinsed with cool water (or quickly ‘hosed off’ outdoors as is particularly useful to know with the child size!) and dried on the line – NEVER put in a washing machine or in a tumble drier. You may alternatively have it gently dry cleaned. We suggest you always use a cover and pillow slips in order to reduce the necessity to launder the products.

We are pleased for you to come and collect your items and meet our alpacas, or we will post your items free of charge to any mainland UK address, a signature will be required on delivery. We ask you to allow 14 days for delivery, although we may be able to dispatch more quickly on request.